Oh no! Niall Horan had a dicey moment in an elevator –or a "lift" as they call them in the U.K.—at the 2014 BRIT Awards. The notoriously claustrophobic (and adorable) One Direction member was stuck for around four minutes in a lift at The Arts Club.

Anyone who dislikes tight or enclosed spaces knows that is not a fun scenario, even if it's just for a few minutes. There were a handful of other revelers in the lift with the singer and as this video shows, young Mr. Horan does not look like a happy camper while confined.

The Mirror reports that Niall began to get somewhat panicked and then one of the elevator dwellers tried to film footage of the singer and was scolded for doing so.

A source said, "Security were frantically trying to get the lift working again but the emergency alarm was down and it simply wouldn’t budge. Everyone was trapped and getting increasingly hot and bothered. Once it was eventually moving again, the management were very apologetic. The lift was briefly closed down while repairs were made."

So while things ended okay, it was a bit scary for a few and no doubt magnified by Horan's dislike of confinement.