Though 'American Idol' may have suffered in the ratings for the past few seasons, the fresh judging panel of Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban may be just what the show needs. In new promo clips, we get a glimpse of the 'Pound the Alarm' MC in action, and she's an absolute thrill to behold.

In the first season 12 promo, we're treated to pretty much Minaj exclusively. "You just excited me!" she moans to one hopeful, while she encourages another with, "Snap snap! Work, work!" and dances in her seat.

Just because she starts out nice doesn't mean she's going to stay that way, though, and she can bust out the brutal honesty when it's needed.

In one vignette in which she rocks a multicolored, midlength wavy wig, she tells a contestant with a similar cut, "Obviously, I'm not judging you because of your hair." Next, she breaks another's heart bluntly, telling him, "I like you, Kevin." But when he asks if she likes his singing? "Oh, no. No. No."

Still, the clip ends on a positive note, with Minaj urging the rest of the panel to choose one of her picks. "I really believe in this girl!" she cries, before another clip shows her telling a hopeful, "Get it poppin'!"

Frankly, Nicki's wig collection alone makes her worth watching (in the second clip she actually says her hair is edible), but combined with her signature sass -- not to mention a feud with a certain other judge -- you'd be a fool to miss an episode of 'Idol' this season.

Watch the 'American Idol' Season 12 Promo Video