Nicki Minaj covers the August 2013 issue of Marie Claire, the first female rapper to do so. She appears in a variety of form-fitting ensembles and even nixes fur when looking at wardrobe choices. She also shares some of her secrets, like what's on her nightstand and says she does not have a secret beau!

Professionally speaking, Minaj wasn't always planning to be a rap diva.

Her Minajesty went to Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts, where she had designs on the acting world. "By the time I'm 19, I'm going to be Halle Berry status," she told classmates. Things obviously went down a different path.

Minaj recalled, "I really believed it and when it didn't happen, I started getting more and more crushed." Then she started uploading music to Myspace and the rest is Minajstory.

In the behind-the-scenes footage, Minaj strikes plenty of poses and answers lots of questions.

On her DVR: 'Love and Hip-Hop.'
On her nightstand: Usually a bottle of water.
On her iPhone Apps: She doesn't use apps, they freak her out. But she has Twitter on her iPhone. Duh!
Her go-to menu: Steak and king crab legs with a side of corn
Repeat purchase: "I have this weird, I dunno what it is, I buy a toothbrush every day."
On her feet: Dirty slippers.
Where She Shops: Kmart, since her collection will be sold there. What a shamelessly awesome self-promoter.

Marie Claire
Marie Claire