West Coast, reprazent!

With her thick New Yawk accent, Nicki Minaj will always sound like an East Coaster and a native of NYC. Despite her background, her Minajesty considers herself a full-fledged and fully integrated L.A. girl now.

"For the most part, when I invite my friends and family down here, they feel like it's a vacation place," she admitted in the bonus Q&A from her Teen Vogue cover. "I like to drive and look at the Pacific Coast Highway. It's relaxing."

The beach and Pacific Ocean scenery aside, the rap vixen also likes the chill vibe of the peeps in Los Angeles. "The people are less agitated out here," she said. "They're calmer."

Minaj, who taped Season 12 of 'American Idol' in L.A., even finds herself more inspired by the L.A weather and climate. That's saying something, since her fashion sense is so bright and colorful.

Minaj continued, "Also, when I lived in New York, I wasn’t really exploring fashion as much. I wasn’t as colorful. I feel so inspired by everything out here that it makes me try new things. I'm excited to try different designers. I'm never leaving. I’m an L.A. girl."

NYC had Biggie. L.A. had 'Pac. Now it also has Minaj.