On Tuesday night at 11 P.M. a Boulder Police Officer shot and killed a bull elk in a residential neighborhood. Local residents had named the large bull elk "Big Boy" and he has roamed in Boulder's Mapleton Hill area for several years now. and as you might imagine, many resident's are extremely upset.

According to 9 News in Denver, the officer said he observed the bull elk while on patrol and noticed the animal was limping, in addition to having a broken antler.

But here's where the story goes awry.

The officer then shot the elk on a residential front lawn in what he stated as "the need to put the animal down humanely".

However, according to a spokesperson for the Boulder Police the officer did not inform dispatch of his intention to put the animal down, nor did he notify a supervisor and failed to file a report on the incident.  The officer also did not attempt to contact the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department to seek assistance in euthanize the injured animal.

Then to make matters worse, the officer posed for pictures with the massive bull elk before transporting the elk to his home where it was processed for the meat by another off duty officer.

The case is under investigation by the Boulder Police Internal Affairs Department as well as the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Let us know what you think - Was the officer doing a service to the injured animal?  or Should the officer be punished for his actions?