One Direction are bros! That's the message of the latest trailer for the One Direction 3D movie, '1D3D,' set to hit screens on Aug. 30.

The most recent teaser for the Morgan Spurlock-helmed concert film shows how close the band members have gotten since their inception on the U.K.'s 'X Factor.' It's longer and reveals a bit more than the first!

"I don't think you can have a more dramatic life change ... just look where we are," Louis Tomlinson says incredulously.

Niall Horan revealed that while they're all incredibly grateful for their success, not seeing their loved ones can be tough. "The only trouble is missing home, missing family," he says. "But we've become literally like brothers."

The trailer also shows the guys' moms -- or as the adorable Brits would say, mums -- crying and doting over their little boys. (Are you melting yet, Directioners?) In one scene, Zayn Malik, who has reportedly had issues being on the road so much, tells someone, "I'll get off the phone before we start crying." In another, Harry Styles' beloved mum, Anne Cox, tells her heartthrob son, "No matter how big and famous you become, you'll always be my baby!"

Of course, it's not all mush and sap. The trailer also shows brief glimpses of the fun and goofiness that endear the band to Directioners worldwide. Spurlock shows that even the downsides of being on the road can still be a party when you're surrounded by your BFFs.