There's a contagion in the One Direction camp, one day after announcing a massive stadium-sized tour set for 2014. Louis Tomlinson started it last week, but he's since passed it on. Can you guess which member is now under the weather and blaming his bro for spreading it around? Find out!

Last week, LT tweeted about his health.

Then a few days later, he tweeted that he still felt like, well, poop. Sorry, we had to censor that, since we're a family-friendly site, catering to Directioners who shouldn't really see bad words, even when a 1Der writes 'em.

Now, Niall Horan has taken to Twitter, complaining about getting sick and he's pointing the finger at his bandmate.

"Snooker balls," for those of you not up on slang from across the pond, is another phrase for pool billiards.

Ouch, Niall's glands must be really swollen and sore if he compared them to pool balls.

Band boys are in close quarters, working, performing, taping and pre-promoting a film and announcing new tour dates -- all things 1D are entrenched in right now. So, if one gets sick or germy, it's bound to quickly circulate and cycle through the rest of the bunch.

Who's getting sick next? Zayn Malik or Harry Styles? Or will Liam Payne come down with gland pain (payne?)

Wait and see.

But for now, we hope Niall, the only ink-free member of 1D, feels better and on the quick.