Our flawless cannibal queen Kesha gets mashed up with our pop princes One Direction in a seamless, super-catchy mix, aptly titled 'Live While We Die Young.'

Both songs are anthems to seizing the moment and making the most of the time you have with a new hottie -- and they're both insanely infectious on their own, so you can only imagine what kind of an earworm this remix is. The vocals are a mix of Kesha and 1D, while the production and instrumentals are all K-Dollar-Sign.

Considering Kesha's recent video treatment for 'Die Young' was an apocalyptic one, it's an interesting juxtaposition with 1D's fun-loving campfire singalong. The last lines begin with Kesha's chanting and end, happily, with Zayn Malik's sweet croon.

'Live While We Die Young' isn't the only time Kesha and 1D have met up in a mashup. Another audio genius mashed the vocals from 'Die Young' with the instrumental production of 'What Makes You Beautiful,' creating a cheeky, teen-pop version of her carpe diem hit called 'What Makes You Die Young.' Another fan created a mashup called 'Die While We're Young' (morbid!) featuring One Direction's vocals over Kesha's beat.