One Direction have had a whirlwind time in New York City, and the fun continued when the band stopped by 'The Late Show' with David Letterman. Aside from Niall Horan getting a smooch from Hollywood legend Dustin Hoffman, the band also had fun on Letterman's giant couch, talking everything from garbage to gangs. Yes, you read that right.

Liam Payne told a story about fans chasing the band's car down the street in Manhattan, explaining, "It was absolutely mental!" This led Louis Tomlinson to reiterate the tail of the fan in Sweden sleeping in a trash bin in hopes of meeting the lovely lads. Letterman followed up by asking if the band has their own militia for security.

"We have a little friendly gang," the ever affable Tomlinson said. "A gang without guns! They're friendly, nice people."

The band revealed that on their next tour in 2013, they'll be gone for about eight months. Letterman replied, "I want you guys to just wait here until your parents show up." The charmers chuckled, with Harry Styles replying, "That might be a while."

At the conclusion of the show, the boys got back onstage, this time to perform their ballad 'Little Things.' Unlike their Jingle Ball set, they did this one sitting down on their speakers -- but as usual, they did a fantastic job.

Watch One Direction Perform 'Little Things' on 'The Late Show'