The cuties in One Direction had fun making fun of one another's 'Little Things.' Get your heads out of the gutter -- we're talking about their mannerisms in the video!

The band had a blast filming the 'Little Things' video for two reasons. One, it's served as a great tool for the guys to make fun of Liam Payne. "There's one point in the video where Louis pointed out to me and I didn't realize, but from the angle of the camera ... it looks like I've gone (cross-eyed)," Payne laughed to MTV News. "The funniest thing is they didn't tell me until they actually cut the video."

When it's on the screen we take pictures of the screen," Harry Styles chuckled.

Another reason? It was a lot less work for them to film since there were no extras nor elaborate sets or skits involved. "We had a chilled-out day in the studio, and they filmed us chilling out," Zayn Malik said.

"It was real nice for us actually, because most of the video shoots we do we have to get an early night before 'cause we know we are going to be so energetic and jumping around a lot," Harry added. "And this was kind of nice because we just sat there."

Of course, there was some work involved. How can they make those bedroom eyes without practice? After Louis Tomlinson lost his train of thought, Zayn Malik explained, "I think you just get into the song and think about the lyrics and what it means to you. You might be looking out at the camera, but you might be thinking about something else. You're not thinking that millions of people are going to watch this, you're just into the song, into the lyrics, you're just feeling what the song is about."

Don't let him kid you. You know he had a tough time keeping a straight face!