What better way to hit the open road of the great United States than in your very own replica of the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine? That's precisely what the boys of One Direction will be doing!

According to The Mirror, the guys are spending approximately $100,000 (about  £70,000) on their very own custom-wrapped vintage VW Camper Van complete with their 1D logo. Random? Yes. Totally awesome and fun? Also, yes.

A source said, "The guys are desperate to have it shipped over to America so it can join them on tour. Scooby’s obviously a U.S. import and massive out there so they know the van will be a hit with both the fans – and their mums." Though it sounds as though the band's management hasn't exactly signed off on the use of this vehicle for touring quite yet, the source continued, "If management decide it’s too expensive and impractical then they’ll simply keep it as a fun vehicle for travelling from city to city over here."

Instead of having '70s entertainment in the van, like Pet Rocks and Pong, the guys will opt for more modern additions like a flat screen TV and individual entertainment consoles.

So, like, pass the Scooby Snacks and let's hit the road!

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