While One Direction hunk Zayn Malik was crashed out on the couch, catching some much-needed Zs, his lovely girlfriend, Little Mix member Perrie Edwards, got creative. She gave her man a beautiful manicure, using her band's branded nail wrap designs!

Zayn! Never fall asleep with your hands left exposed. We've heard of putting someone's hand in a bowl of water so they pee themselves, but this is worse. You can't have prettier nails than Directioners.

Ok, granted, it is a beautiful and well-done manicure, but it's not meant to be a man-icure. This look and style is best left for the ladies out there.

Edwards took to Little's Mix's official Twitter account to share her handiwork -- literally!

She posted: "The perks of your boyfriend not waking up through anything. Pretty LM nails Zayn (; Perrie <3."

We're sure Zayn had a laugh at the manicure and then promptly dipped his digits in a vat of nail polish remover or whatever else is needed to remove the wraps.

Little Mix did a collabo with Elegant Touch, creating their own nail wraps, since nail art is all the rage in the cosmetics industry. Not even Zayn Malik could avoid falling prey to nail art.

BTW, did anyone else notice how flawless Zayn looks even when he's napping? Adorbs.

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