For those of you who remember the 90's, Pauly Shore was at his peak in popularity.  Odd fellow that Pauly Shore.  His quirky brand of comedy brought smiles to many faces for a few years before it became stale and he vanished from the spot light.  During this peak, Pauly had the chance to interview “the world’s youngest Elvis impersonator".  We now know this "impersonator" as Bruno Mars.  Yeah, that Bruno Mars.

This video recently surfaced, and it's not one I saw coming.  Pauly Shore is best know for his roles in Encino Man, Son-In-Law, and Bio-Dome.  The weird catchphrase spewing comedian interviews a four year old Bruno Mars with no idea that this kid was destined for a stardom far larger than his own.  Take a look into the past and let's get retro buuuuuuddy!

P.S.. Bruno still has the same haircut.