PETA took Lady Gaga to task earlier this summer over the pink mink fur she wore (which she never confirmed or denied), and now the organization has spoken up again -- this time about her recent purchases in Russia.

Gaga allegedly scooped up several furs from the Helen Yarmak store in Moscow, among them a $210,000 sable coat and a $20,000 silver fox fur pelt, as well.

PETA voiced its displeasure with her actions (quotes via WENN.) The organization stated, "Out of place, out of time, and possibly out of her mind: While the country focuses on rejecting violence and we are deep into the season of peace, giving, and kindness, Gaga is busy decking herself out in a coat made of at least 30 slaughtered animals’ skins."

For her part, Mama Monster has yet to respond to the latest public flogging (aka Furgate 2.0) from PETA.

Gaga also has legal action hanging over her head for promoting homosexuality at her show in St. Petersburg, so she caused quite a stir on all fronts with her trip to Eastern Europe.

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