Miley Cyrus has said her upcoming album will have a "dirty South hip-hop feel," but one of her collaborators, Pharrell, isn't revealing too much about. He basically just says that the world is going to be surprised!

"Her sound right now is her personality," Pharrell explained to MTV. And let's be real, Cyrus' personality is a little unpredictable -- head shaving, crotch grabbing, a little try-hard (at least on the surface), dog loving ... Be more specific, bro!

"That's what we've been aiming for in the studio, and that's what's been coming out and that's what it's been sounding like," he continued. "It's interesting. Her voice is a very powerful one, and you know, you just have to hear it to know that and to understand it," he shrugged. "It's nowhere near what it is that you think."

Pharrell isn't the only hip-hop artist Cyrus is working with. She recently hit the studio with Meek Mill and was snapped with both Pharrell and Tyler, the Creator of Odd Future. We bet this will sound ... interesting!