Fewer things have aroused such an emotional response as this spoken word poem entitled "Good Father" written and performed by Prentice Powell earlier this year on the Arsenio Hall Show.

Prentice poem speaks on the trials and tribulations of being a father and not getting to spend as much time with his son as he would like. During the poem, he also touched on many different aspects of being a single father like, watching another man partially raise his child, people speaking on his fatherly skills after just seeing Facebook photos and being financially supportive while not getting the 50/50 time with his child he so craves.

As a single father, the poem touched me on many different levels. I love that Prentice never used his proverbial soapbox to mash the mother and he even talked about being thankful for the other man in his son's life, all the while equally conveying how much it hurt him at the same time.

I challenge anyone to watch this video without getting teary eyed.