Rihanna engaged in a little 'Mean Girls' behavior with actress Anne Hathaway in the 'Saturday Night Live' promos for tomorrow's (Nov. 10) episode, where she will serve as the musical guest while Hathaway hosts. The ladies get catty – in a cute way -- and bare their claws. Meow.

First, Hathaway says it's the third time that both of them have appeared on the show. RiRi corrects her saying that it's actually her fourth 'SNL' appearance, which sparks some jealous rage in the actress. Hathaway goes psycho, saying "I am really happy for you." But what she meant was, "Back off b----." It's a quietly cray-cray moment that will elicit plenty of giggles.

In the second spot, RiRi and Anne engage in a super fake, "Love ya, mean it" conversation where they compliment one another's outfits. Anne loves RiRi's shoes, while Ri adores her counterpart's shirt. When Hathaway suggests that they swap outfits, RiRi shuts her down, quick. "That is not where I thought this was going," she says with a subtle eye roll.

Rihanna and Hathaway did a spot on job of nailing that air kiss awkwardness that oftentimes happens during exchanges between catty women.

Tune in this weekend to see the 'Diamonds' singer perform a pair of songs. Perhaps producer Lorne Michaels will incorporate the pop diva into another skit with Hathaway. They certainly had amazing chemistry. We believe that they wanted to claw each other's eyes out.