Rihanna showing skin (and a lot of it) is a familiar sight. Perhaps it's becoming a bit too familiar? Even so, the 'Diamonds' singer shows off her dewy dermis on the cover of the new issue of Billboard.

The image is a bit blurry, but we can still make out the signer's cleavage, berry-stained lips and her shiny black pixie cut. She's accessorized with a statement necklace, but that's about it.

It feels like the trade mag captured Rihanna in a candid moment, with her hands behind her head, since the image doesn't feel posed at all. It's like she's in motion, and that gives it such an authentic, on-the-go feel. She is throwing off a bit a of a seductive, come hither stare to the camera, as well -- but then again, what does RiRi do that isn't seductive?

Now that's we've seen yet another RiRi magazine cover where her skin is the most visible and prominent feature that she shows off, we want to know what you think? Do you love RiRi in a bra on Billboard?

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