Rihanna is three things. She is a shirt dropper, a tattoo collector and a frequent Instragrammer who loves to share photos of herself topless and of her new tattoos via the photo service. She reportedly got a new tattoo, this one of Chris Brown's nickname 'Breezy,' adding to her collection that includes 18 other pieces of ink.

RiRi usually shows off her new tats on Instagram almost immediately after getting them. But this time, she did not. Could it be that she kept this tattoo to herself just like she is doing when it comes to publicly acknowledging reported BF Brown other than via Instragram photos?

Or maybe she didn't get a Breezy tattoo.

The Sun (quotes courtesy of Hollywood Gossip) reports that RiRi has 'Breezy' etched somewhere on her body. Maybe she is just keeping this one special and to herself, since she likes playing coy and teasing bits of information when it comes to the R&B singer with whom she famously split after he beat her in 2009.

The source told the paper that "she got it because it symbolizes her commitment to him. Now the world knows they’re back together, they’re determined to make it work."

Um, Ri, we hate to break it to you, but the cardinal rule of tattoos is do NOT get your significant other's name inked onto your skin. That's the kiss of death and usually means things won't last.

In keeping with her subtle Instagram confirmations of the existence of ChRihanna, the singer shared a photo of herself and Breezy's heavily inked arm, posting: " Damn....... I miss my nigga #thuglife #BFFlife."

She refers to him as her BFF. We think she accidentally added that extra "F."

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