There’s so much chatter and gossip about the supposed hush hush relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna, even though they split after a bitter domestic dispute nearly three years ago. Even so, the exes hold no grudges and are friendly from a distance, but people continue to speculate about a secret relationship. Usually, when there is this much discussion about a former duo, there is a kernel of truth to the rumors.

UsWeekly is stoking the fires of those very rumors, claiming that Breezy and RiRi have been hooking up in secret for a year — the three-year anniversary of the beginning of their split falls on Feb. 8, when he assaulted her around Grammy time, for those keeping score at home! A source says that the two “meet up very casually” and that Ri makes a beeline for Brown whenever she is in L.A.

Another source — this one is a music biz insider — said that Breezy and RiRi can’t keep their hands to themselves. The source said that “they can’t get enough of each other,” adding, “I don’t see it ending well.” The source continued that “Rihanna loves to live dangerously, and talking to and hooking up with Chris is all part of that.”

Can’t say we’d blame Breezy for wanting to make up for his past mistakes when it comes to the ‘We Found Love’ singer. His ex’s career has skyrocketed since their break up, as she sheds more clothes for photo spreads, racks up more No. 1 hits, tallies tons of digital sales, gains more YouTube views and oozes sexuality from every one of her songs.

Further complicating the mess? The fact that Brown is in a relationship with model Karrueche Tran. He supposedly got her face tattooed on his arm, but that’s usually the kiss of death in a relationship! Us Weekly also posted an article, and a source said that Tran “chased Chris” and that she “won’t give him up for a few discretions.” These discretions are supposedly Breezy’s hookups with RiRi, as the source continued, “Karrueche thinks Chris’ studio is where most of the hookups have taken place.”

The source also went on to say, “Chris is a really passionate guy… He’s still a hothead and he does what he wants… He’ll go off the grid she’ll wonder what’s going on, but at the moment Chris and Karrueche are still a couple.”

To smooth things over — or perhaps throw the media off the scent — Breezy’s rep said, “He and Rihanna are just friends. He’s not cheating.” Ri’s rep did not comment.

What do you think, PopCrush readers? Are Breezy and RiRi doing it on the down low?