Rihanna made her fourth pit stop on 'Saturday Night Live' last night (Nov 10), serving as the musical guest on the Anne Hathaway-hosted episode. It was not just another performance with the traditional, train station-style background. Rihanna took things up a notch and you either loved it or were distracted by it.

For her first song, she sang her melancholic new single 'Diamonds,' with her side facing the crowd. She didn't face the audience or the TV screen, so you could see that she was rocking the half-shaved Skrillex hair and an oversized camo jacket. She left the sexy at home in favor of utilitarian.

RiRi brought a full production, and that aforementioned distracting, trippy, psychedelic background. It felt like we took a mind-altering substance before watching the show, since Rih's digitized background employed bright, bold colors and images like the ocean, marine life, lightning, bionic bodies and the sun. It was certainly a green screen effect, one that totally messed with our minds. That was probably RiRi's intention. "Moonshine and Molly," right?

For 'Diamonds,' RiRi took us elsewhere. It felt like she was performing anywhere but the Big Apple. We cant decide if we loved it or not. When you play 'SNL,' it's 'SNL,' and the stage set up is iconic. It didn't feel like the Bajan beauty was coming to us live from New York.

Rihanna also performed 'Stay' and did so with the "regular" and familiar 'SNL' stage, which was darkened. She wore a custom-cut Bob Marley tank, fitting since she loves the green stuff, as did Marley. She also looked pretty with Old Hollywood glam finger waves. The torchy song was also quite affecting. It showed a vulnerable RiRi, which we have been seeing more of lately but don't see often.

Watch Rihanna Perform 'Stay' on 'SNL'