Most of us were spending time with our families for Thanksgiving yesterday and in honor of the big holiday, Rihanna shared a video via Who Say of her spending time with her family, namely her mother, her little brother and her “Gran Gran.” With all the super-sexed chatter that defines and surrounds her new album ‘Talk That Talk,’ RiRi goes back to basics in this clip, dubbed ‘Family Values,’ which is narrated by her mentor Jay-Z. He is actually billed as Sean Carter in the credits, so this vid certainly pop reveals pop stars in a different light.

In his voiceover, Mr. Carter states, “There’s nothing like family. These are the people who make you who you are,” as RiRi and her loved ones page through photos of her as a little girl and look at old report cards from her school years. Ri is dressed in a black maxidress with spaghetti straps and her wild mane of brown curls pulled back in a ponytail, piled atop her head. Except for the black dagger-nails, she has foregone the diva-like glam for this family hang.

The camera pans to a magazine rack overflowing with issues of W, Glamour and PEOPLE featuring RiRi on the cover. The Fenty family is obviously proud of its most famous member. Ri dispenses some worthwhile advice to her little brother Rajad, telling him to “do work, then socialize. Work first, and when you’re doing fantastic at work, you can socialize as much as you want.” Spoken like a big sis who knows best. Ri’s mom then chimes in, “From Monday to Friday, no Facebook … only textbook.” We’re like flies on the wall at Casa di Rihanna.

The video closes with RiRi gifting her Gran Gran with a Cartier ring. She even asks, “Will you marry me?” It’s precious, and an intimate look at a side of Rihanna we aren’t privy to very often.

Watch Rihanna at Home With Family