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So there's this guy in Georgia with a toe fetish, not for just any toes, but toes he deems attractive and he stalks Walmart stores for the best 'toe' selection. He claims there's nothing wrong with approaching women at his local Walmart requesting to suck their toes for money. Turns out, both authorities and Walmart agree toe sucking crosses the line, and Joey William Leaphart has been banned from Walmart for life.

Joey got in a 'toe jam' when he started trying to mislead women into letting this suck his toes. He posed as a representative for America's Funniest Home Videos.

The funny thing is, the women he approached about sucking her toes for the show LET HIM and didn't call the authorities until he failed to pay for her groceries as promised (she was unemployed). Cops have since classified the incident as misdemeanor simply battery involving hands/feet/teeth. Joey's 'sole' saving grace is that he told the 18 year old girl not to worry because he didn't bite. 

According to the Huffington Post, this isn't the first time Joey has demonstrated such behavior. He's approached women in a South Carolina Walmart as well.

What a creeper! He's lucky he hasn't run into someone who took more offense if you see what I'm saying... or someone with a loving boyfriend or husband on the next aisle.

Columbia County Sheriffs Office