Wyoming is landlocked, but that doesn’t mean we can’t surf. People can surf the Snake River. In the winter, we can snowboard. Although technically not surfing, the Cowboy State has plenty of lakes to water ski or mono ski.

In this video, this guy has his buddy pull him with a dune buggy as he rides a sandboard. He first rides across the sand, then over some water, and back to sand. Looks like fun, but I would hate to crash. Sand plus velocity equals sand paper, or at the very least sand in places that sand is not meant to go.

According to some, the sport of sandboarding has been around since the time of ancient Egyptians, but others like Sandboard Magazine say there is little evidence to back that claim. They say the sport most likely started in the 40s or 50s.

If you want to try sandboarding, we found some good pointers for you on WikiHow. It is a lot like snowboarding. First, you need a board and some sand dunes. A helmet is also a good idea. Start off with flat or a very mellow hill. Next, you can progress to bigger hills. Then when you have mastered how to shredding the dunes, you can get your bro to pull you in his dune buggy.