Selena Gomez shared a photo on Instagram boasting a black inking on her hand. Is it a new tattoo? Is Selena copying off Rihanna, who has a large and intricate hand tat?

Probably not. It looks like a henna tattoo or a temporary one, with dots along her finger and a swirl on her thumb. It's not as detailed as her new lunch buddy Kendall Jenner's expansive, fake wing tattoo but it looks like Sel may have gotten herself a non-committal etching.

Her drawing is also unlike that of her on-off BF, Justin Bieber, who just built up his sleeve and said he was probably done for now with tattoos.

See the hand tattoo photo below. Sel needs a mani, too. The black polish looks chipped. Maybe she is rocking dirty gal chic with the messy nails and ripped jeans!

Oh, and the singer and actress also teased "a secret project" with a smoldering Instagram pic. She is admiring herself in a mirror and the image, taken from behind, captures her back and her face in the mirror, as she holds her hair atop her head and wears a black outfit, which shows off her perfectly-shaped patoot.

No, it's not as scorching as the nearly-nude selfie (or "Sel-fie") she shared, but it's up there in terms of heat.

What's the secret project, Sel?! Hurry up and give us deets. We're impatient.

Tattoo pic.

Here is the secret project pic!