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How Many 'Strong Men' Does It Take To Reel In A Fish?
Let's start off by saying that I wish I could have been lucky enough to catch a fish this big this summer. Unfortunately, I don't believe there are any monsters like this hiding in Alcova or Pathfinder! So, let's watch and see how this 'strong man' fairs against this monster…
Tourists Find 52-Million-Year-Old Petrified Wood
People from all around the U.S. make stops here in the cowboy state for several reasons. Some just want to know if we still ride horses to our jobs or if we still use the pony express. Others come here to dig around in specific parts of Wyoming and end up empty-handed.
Ducklings Rescued In Paradise Valley Last Night
It seems as though every single time I go over to my parent's house something interesting happens. Last night was a first for us though. As we were all sitting outside having some adult beverages and hanging out after our long workday, the dogs started barking and losing their minds.