It's the holiday season and what better way to celebrate it than Snoop Dogg's retelling of the Charles Dickens classic 'A Christmas Carol.' The Doggfather teamed up with Adidas to present this cautionary tale, which co-stars soccer great David Beckman, singer Rita Ora and NBA star Derrick Rose.

In the video, Snoop introduces the cartoon, which features himself as the grouchy Ebenezer Snoop who lost the holiday spirit. "Bah humbizzle," he barks. He's then visited by the ghost of Christmas past (played by the late tennis icon Stan Smith) and the ghost of Christmas present (played by Beckman) who try to instill the holiday shizzle into Snoop's life.

Still not thrilled about celebrating the holidays, Ebenezer Snoop gets one more visit from the ghosts of Christmas future (played by Ora and Rose). "You've been bah humbizzling so hard, it's going to take harmony and hoops to scare the holiday spirit back into yooou," Ora sings.

The ghosts show Snoop the future in which no music would exist. This scares the be-jizzle out of Snoop and promises to make amends for his bah-humbizzle ways. He crashes a party carrying food and drinks and apologizes for his selfish behavior. "I realize we are nothing without each other," says Snoop. "Parties aren't an excuse to get wild, they are a celebration from near and far."

At the end, Ebenezer Snoop got the party crunk and had everybody singing along to his G-funk Christmas jam 'Gin and Eggnog.'

Well, not quite. But you get the picture. Don't be a scrooge!

Happy holidays, PopCrushers!