Casper’s Police Chief says arrests have been made and nearly seven pounds of toxic substance confiscated since yesterday,  after a string of individuals showed up at the emergency room suffering from possible kidney failure. Those affected had in common ingestion of a particularly toxic batch of ‘Spice’ labeled Blueberry and Bubble gum.

“Currently we have three people in custody associated with this. Charges related to this will be coming in the future. We still have to determine what kind of medical issues we’re dealing with and what kind of substance we have.”

Chief, Chris Walsh says they await chemical testing to determine just what the substance is and whether it falls within the category of controlled substances.

He says its too soon to pin down a number of how many have been affected. “We had one person who had to go to Denver for kidney failure and others are being treated for a similar thing.”

Walsh says the individuals affected range in age from 15 to their mid 20s.

He says anyone whose gotten sick since ingesting the ‘Spice’ labeled, ‘Blueberry’ and ‘Bubble Gum’ should not wait, but seek medical attention immediately.