MyIdol is the App Everyone is Downloading
Popular apps come and go. DrawSomething, AngryBirds, Candy Crush, DubSmash and the list goes on and on. The hottest current app comes to us from our friends in China. Other apps have done similar things, but not nearly as well as this.
Top 3 Apps That Help You Lose Weight
The hot new weight loss trend seems to be people tracking their calorie counting by "social gaming," where you earn prizes just by getting your sweat on. It's no big suprise, after a mere ten weeks, the ones who signed up to play the games worked out more often, AND lost a ton of weight.
How to Hide Bitstrip Comics on Facebook
Okay, I'll admit, I liked the idea of Bitstrips for about a day and a half. Once everyone started jumping on board, I was pretty sick of seeing them in my newsfeed. If you want to remove all Bitstrips from your wall without blocking your friends and without them knowing you've blocked Bits…