april fool's day

Free Baby Elephants in Bountiful Baskets?
Seems like everyone is getting in on some April foolery today!  I've personally got plenty of my more 'gullible' friends thinking I'm expecting...at least until they read the comments under my Facebook announcement.   Anyway, this is a cute one...
Keep Track of the ‘Best of YouTube’ Announcements
As part of their April Fool's Day tradition, Google is running a pretty great prank on YouTube, right now. They are listing the nominees for the best of YouTube before it "shuts down." Every video is nominated. They are listing every video on YouTube and reading thei…
The Best Celebrity Pranks Ever
April Fool's Day is today, and what better way to celebrate the day that it's totally cool to wrap a toilet in cellophane than to go through some of the best celebrity pranks throughout the ages?
Of course, by "ages," we mean anything within the new millennium.