Top Baby Names of 2015
The name tallies are in for year end, 2015 tops are here. Jackson and Sophia remained the most popular names for baby boys and girls in 2015, according to BabyCenter.
WY 8th Best State to Have a Baby
Becoming a parent is a truly awesome experience. However, it's also a very expensive one too. WalletHub has just released '2015’s Best and Worst States to Have a Baby' and Wyoming rated in the top ten!
Watch These Babies Escaping Their Confines [VIDEO]
I have seen babies do some pretty cute things before, but these lite escape artists take the cake. My mom used to tell a story of how I used to unscrew the center legs of my wooden crib to escape (which is pretty genius if I do say so myself), but that is nothing compared to these little contortionists. Only makes you wonder what they do when the parents are looking and recording video.
Babies Dance to Daddy’s Guitar [VIDEO]
This is so sweet, it might rot your teeth upon viewing. It almost makes me want to procreate... ALMOST! These 11-month-old twins totally jam out with daddy as they rock their peas! You see the two little girls looking at each other while dancing, and you have to wonder, do twins have a secret form of communication...
Baby Gets Tackled By Dog [VIDEO]
I don't know why I like it so much. There's something wrong with me. For some reason, though, I love love love it when babies get hurt. You do too, you just won't admit it. There's just something hilarious about babies getting hurt. Here's a video of a baby getting tackled by a dog...

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