How Much Does Wyoming Love Bacon?
We know. It's the holidays. And that doesn't necessary scream foods that include bacon for the most part. But that doesn't mean bacon isn't still loved by almost everyone. It makes everything better. So just how much does Wyoming love Bacon?
Bacon Caption Contest Voting
We asked you to caption this photo, and you answered the call. Now it is time to vote for your favorite caption! The author of the winning caption will win a year supply of bacon!
What ever happened to Sizzlean/Beef Bacon? [POLL]
To quote the old lady from the back in the day Wendy's commercials: WHERE'S THE BEEF?! Not everyone partakes in the eating of the swine. Some for religious reason (like myself) and others for health concerns, but no matter why, some items are getting harder and harder to find. And what is at the top of that list: beef bacon and/or Sizzlean.