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Cali Swag District Speaks Out About M-Bone’s Murder [VIDEO]
C-Smoove and Jay Are from Cali Swag District speak out about the loss of their friend M-Bone, who was killed in a tragic drive-by shooting this week.  Police are still investigating, although some reports suggest that the shooter may have been motivated by jealousy over a girl that M-Bone had r…
KISS-FM Breaks Verizon [VIDEO]
If you were anywhere on the North-West side of Casper Sunday night you might have noticed a few minutes right around 7:30 pm that it was pretty tricky to get the smart-phone to work as advertised.
We're sorry.
KISS VIP Backstage Access [PHOTOS]
Congratulations to all of our KISS VIPs! Don't worry, if you didn't win VIP passes for the Blizzard Music Tour, you can still get backstage access for Three Days Grace on March 29th! Click here to enter!
3OH!3 Dougie Contest [VIDEO]
If you were at the show last night, then you know that one of the highlights of the night happened when 3OH!3 held their Dougie contest. If you don't know how to Dougie, click here to get a personal lesson from the inventors themselves, Cali Swag District...
Nelly On Stage with St. Lunatics [PHOTOS]
As they took the stage Sunday night at the Casper Events Center, it was clear that Nelly and the St. Lunatics crew had no intention of disappointing the thousands of fans who showed up for the last stop of the Blizzard Music Tour.
St. Lunatics & Nelly Reunite In Casper [PHOTOS]
KISS-FM's Blizzard Music Tour was a blast - if you were there, hopefully you're checking out our photos and videos from the show here at, you'll probably find yourself in a few of the shots. Great show last night, one of the highlights for me was seeing Nelly back with…

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