A Few Reasons Daredevil Should Be Batman
It had never once occurred to me that maybe some of the comic book characters should trade names with a different character that has the correct skill set and powers that match said moniker.
Who Can Wield Thor's Hammer?
If you haven't seen Avengers: Age of Ultron yet, this awesomely funny video may be lost on you (although if you have any knowledge of the character at all, you should still be able to get the gist).
Batman & Pokemon Don't Mix
If you're a 90's baby (or even a late 80's baby), you remember Pokemon. It was a world-wide phenomenon... how could you not? But what happens when you add the "Caped Crusader" into the Pokemon Universe?
Mario & Luigi Prank War Is So Wrong... But So Funny
Video games have come so far nowadays that in some cases the characters look real. Maybe that's why the youth of today don't respect the good ole 8-bit Nintendo games. Mario and his often forgotten younger (yet taller) twin brother Luigi were a staple of my childhood.