'Gotham' S2 Sets Jada Pinkett Smith's Fish Mooney Return
Gotham fans were certainly taken aback at series baddie Jada Pinkett Smith’s casual confirmation that Fish Mooney would be one-and-done after Season 1, though a return appearance always seemed in the cards. Fresh Fish is indeed on the menu, as Jada is confirmed to reprise her role for multipl…
'The X-Files' 2016 Revival Drops First Two-Part Trailer
It's been a long time coming for Mulder and Scully's return (especially past that pesky 2012 alien invasion), but The X-Files have officially been re-opened. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny return, along with a host of familiar faces in the first of FOX's two-part 2016 X-Files tra…
Lucifer Is Coming To Fox
I was in shock when I saw the title alone for the new Fox show Lucifer. It's a brave (to say the least) title to use for a television show

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