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Fearless Hunter…Boy Vs. Mouse [VIDEO]
This young man is ready to defend his family from, well, a mouse.  When said mouse gets a little too close for comfort, hilarity ensues. With hunting season just around the corner, how many 'fearless hunters' do you have in your household...
Baby Wakes From Sleep For Favorite Song [Video]
This is little Amaya and her big sister McKayla.  Amaya is fast asleep...until her favorite song comes on!  McKayla's awesome sense of humor makes this little video even more funny.  This was just too cute not to share...enjoy! Here's the original Facebook post...
“People Are Awesome 2013″ [Video]
Two years and nearly 55 million views later, Dan Rice of Hadouken! returns with the long-awaited sequel to his viral sensation, "People Are Awesome." We agree, people ARE awesome!  Enjoy!
A Video of People Walking Into Things? Yes, Please!
You’ve done it, we’ve all done it, but no one really likes to admit walking into something accidentally. Sometimes it’s a telephone poll, sometimes it’s a tricky glass door and sometimes it’s right into the breasts of an unsuspecting lady with big breasts. Oops! We could watch this co ...
Baby Gets Tackled By Dog [VIDEO]
I don't know why I like it so much. There's something wrong with me. For some reason, though, I love love love it when babies get hurt. You do too, you just won't admit it. There's just something hilarious about babies getting hurt. Here's a video of a baby getting tackled by a dog...
Why Planking Is Dangerous- One Woman’s Struggle [VIDEO]
I don't effing understand planking. It's not really funny to me. But, it seems to continue to be the cool thing to do, so whatevs. When planking does become funny, is when people get hurt whilst doing it. That's the story with this girl. I don't even know her, but I hate her. I can tell. And no, it's not because of THAT reason.
Man In Wingsuit Takes Flight…For A Second Anyway [VIDEO]
We admire ingenuity. We also admire courage. Turns out, we admire stupidity as well. This guy had all three. For some reason, dude thought it would be a good idea to make a wingsuit, jump off a cliff, and see what happens. Turns out, he actually did stay in the air...for a few seconds. Then he belly-flopped into a lake.
Top 10 Funny Baby Videos [VIDEOS]
Babies are effing adorable. If I didn't know that I'd be a terrible father, I'd probably have five or six of them right now. Unfortunately, after they got done being cute, I'd get bored  with them. So instead of impregnating various Baby Mamas, I just watch Youtube videos of cute babies. Here's a compilation of the cutest ones.

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