Jobs In Wyoming That May Not Exist In 20 Years
Technology is a fantastic thing for many aspects of life. Of course, I'd be the one rooting for more advancements to make life easier cause I am 24 and have grown up with all the coolest gadgets at my disposal. But what could that mean for our job force in the next 20 year? Or for the next 10 y…
Did Ciara Subtweet Future?
Former couple (and current sworn enemies) Ciara and Future are so far past their long-ago promise of marriage that it's hard to believe they ever liked each other in the first place.
Drake Drops Future Off Tour
Another beef has aroused in the Hip-Hop community. Drake has allegedly (it has yet to be confirmed) fired and/or otherwise removed singer, hook-master and rap artist Future from his "Would You Like A Tour" tour that is scheduled to begin October 18th .
Glow-in-the-Dark Highways Could Be in the Near Future
The best part about the future is we don't know what's going to happen. If you told me that everyone would have a pocket device that could give you the weather, listen to music, call people and surf the internet 10 years ago, I would've laughed. Now, here we are doing exactly that. What about our ro…

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