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College Heights MOPS Craft Fair
Want to get a head start on Christmas shopping on Christmas shopping? Come to the 5th annual College Heights MOPS Craft Fair this Saturday, November 8th, 2014 from 9am - 3pm located at the College Heights Baptist Church Community Center
Will You Be Shopping On Thanksgiving Day? [POLL]
With the news that a lot of retailers will be open this year on Thanksgiving Day, I've seen a few different Facebook and Twitter posts about people choosing not to shop as a boycott defense for workers not getting to spend time with their families. Whereas the news does show how much society has migrated toward wanting the ability to shop all of the time, is it the correct thing to be doing?
Black Friday at Victoria's Secret
It's not just the big-box stores like Walmart and Target who get mobbed by 'Black Friday' shoppers. Here you can watch as hundreds of women prepare to trample each other for fancy underwear at their local Victoria's Secret.
When Do Stores In Casper Open On Black Friday?
With Christmas just around the corner, shoppers are gearing up for what has been the craziest, most chaotic day of the shopping year- Black Friday. It seems that stores are opening earlier and earlier in recent years, almost to the point of it being called Black WednesdayThrusdayFriday. Because we care about you, we want to try to save you some of the chaos, so you can focus more on buying gifts,

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