Dirty Jokes About Wyoming: Prepare To Be Offended
There are jokes, and then there are jokes about Wyoming. Safe to say that when most people make up jokes about our neck of the woods, they aren't usually kind. Often times it's something that has to do with the locals having no teeth, no intelligence, and no one else to date but their family members. But still, like it or not, this is the humor that people have come up with about Wyoming (as found
11 Jokes About Lindsay Lohan Returning to Jail
Lindsay Lohan is going back to jail for violating her probation. No, this is not a rerun of a story you think you’ve heard before, although it sure sounds like it, since this will be her fifth stint behind bars. While the ‘Mean Girls’ star has been sentenced to 30 days, officials expect she’ll most likely serve six. Lohan has to turn herself to begin serving her stint in the slammer by November 9,