Woman Attacked by Secret Python, Saved by Police
There seems to be a trend among people who house dangerous, exotic and/or illegal pets in their home: they end up attacked by their very own beloved creature. Such is the case for a Kansas woman who, after harboring a secret pet python, wound up with its jaws around her neck until a police officer intervened.
Snake Found After Month on a Boston Train [VIDEO]
Melissa Moorehouse lost her pet boa constrictor Penelope a month ago when it slithered out of her jacket as she was riding the red line train in Boston. Initially, train officials took the car Penelope was lost in out of service, so they could search for the three-foot snake. They weren’t able to find her, but she turned up a month later in an adjacent car. A train attendant who also owned a sn
Play Snake On YouTube
So, I just came across something that I think is pretty cool. You can play SNAKE on any YouTube video. I have personally tested this and it works like a charm, but you have to follow the instructions precisely.