Wyoming Drivers Speed More Than Almost Anyone in the U.S.
We all have our reasons for wanting to get where we're going as fast as we can. Sometimes we're running late, or we had something unexpected on the way that temporarily slowed us down. No matter what the reason, in Wyoming, when we're going somewhere, we're getting there fast...A…
Controversial Facebook Photo
A picture taken of vehicle with the following words written on the rear window: "Sorry if I'm speeding, my boyfriend just got back from Afghanistan!!!" has been going viral over Facebook. Parties for both sides of the argument have been firing comments left and right.
Wy. Less Likely To Ticket Drivers
Before you head out on a road trip in Wyoming, pay attention: The National Motorists Association compiled a list of states that are more likely to ticket drivers.
It's the not the most absolute and accurate study, considering that the data is pretty challenging to put together. Still, the group put t…