How Violent Is Wyoming?
Check out this list of America's most violent and peaceful states.
Louisiana is the most violent, and Vermont is the most peaceful. Wyoming is mid- pack, just behind New Jersey, and they have Tony Soprano.
BTW: Is there a better theme song, ever, than The Sopranos...
What Are The 10 Most Violent States?
Here is but another reason to be glad you live in Wyoming. We are nowhere near being on the list of the states with the most violent crimes. Not only that, we are not even located near any of them either. Shockingly, states like New York, California and Michigan did not make the list. At any rate, s…
A Look At President Obama’s Gun Control Measures
WASHINGTON (AP) — Proposals for curbing gun violence announced Wednesday by President Barack Obama:
— Requiring background checks on all gun sales. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says 40 percent of gun sales are conducted with no criminal background …