Wyoming Department of Health

COVID-19 Vaccinations Begin in Wyoming
“More than 300 Wyoming families are mourning the loss of someone they loved due to the virus. The burden on our hospitals remains high. Businesses and communities are facing big challenges,” Harrist said. “That’s why I recommend and encourage Wyoming residents to get vacc…
First COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive in Natrona County
“Knowing we have safe and effective vaccines arriving is like seeing light at the end of a tunnel,” said Dr. Alexia Harrist. “We have an end in sight at this point, which was not true for many months during this pandemic. We have hope and a reminder that this situation is for no…
529 New Cases of COVID in Wyoming, No New Deaths
The Wyoming Department of Health reported 529 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the statewide total to 31,047. 63 new cases were reported for Natrona County, leaving the current number of active cases in Natrona County at 1,195.

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