This breakup song was created by Tim Urban, an ex-'American Idol' alum who thought it'd be super funny to beat Taylor Swift to the finish line and write a break-up song about her and Harry Styles from One Direction.

Because let's face it, with her track record, it seems to be inevitable anyway, right?

"At the moment Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are together, I guess, but there have been a lot of people wondering what song she's going to write about him," said Urban in the opening of the YouTube video. "I personally had an idea of what that song just might sound like... so this is my version of the song Taylor Swift is going to write about Harry Styles."

We were kind of skeptical about the whole thing at first, but Urban's first line of the song got us hooked immediately, "He was the wrong direction / With a beautiful face." Tell us that's not something she'd write herself!

"It serves me right for thinking he was different / It serves me right for never ever listening / But next time, there won't be a next time for him / And he can keep his accent," sings Urban in the chorus, emulating a Swift hit that seems to come so naturally to him!

We love T. Swift, but Urban's creativity gets an A+ from us because his song is so spot on and funny.

She should seriously consider hiring Urban as co-songwriter!