Break-up songwriter extraordinaire Taylor Swift has done it again.

No, she's not back in another doomed relationship -- she purchased another home. Because when it comes to Taylor Swift, there are two things in her life we can never keep track of: boys and real estate.

This time around, T-Swizzle bought a Rhode Island mansion for $17 million. Which she apparently had jingling around in her pocket.

After flipping the house she purchased in Cape Cod to be next to one-time love Conor Kennedy, Swift decided to snatch up a 5.23 acre, 16-room mansion in America's smallest state.

The owners supposedly wanted $20 million, but according to TMZ, Taylor was able to talk them down and had the money wired over. Reports say movers were already seen there this weekend.

The home, named High Watch, boasts that it's "thought to be the highest point of direct waterfront land on the entire eastern seaboard, from Florida to Southern New England." It features eight bedrooms, 10.5 bathrooms and eight fireplaces along with a "bra-shaped swimming pool" with accompanying pool house and fitness room.

There's also a widow's walk in which to dramatically await the return of any errant sea captain love-interests.

See more photos of Swift's newest abode below. Spacious enough for at least six more ex-boyfriends!

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