Taylor Swift has a dating history that can read as a Rolodex of Hollywood's most eligible men (perhaps John Mayer notwithstanding -- gross). But there's one other guy not many people know she dated. Who is he?

He's not a celeb! Us Weekly reports that Swift, 22, actually dated a Nashville college student a few years ago and went completely under the radar. "Her friends were proud of her for trying to date a normal dude and trying to be part of the local college scene like someone her age would be doing," a source said. However, like most of Swift's romances, this one crashed and burned -- but not because she was too serious too soon or because he cheated, as seems to often happen. Alas, it was her beau's fame-hungry friends who put the nail in the budding relaysh's coffin.

"A couple of his friends started texting her and trying to hang out," the source said. "It got weird."

Swift's loose-lipped pal said, "When she gets in these public relationships with other big names, the magnifying glass is there." Unfortunately, it's there even when the names are small. Another pal said wistfully, "All Taylor wants is to be loved." Gentlemen, get in line!

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