When Selena Gomez was asked who she played 'Stars Dance' songs for in order to get their opinions, the singer revealed her bestie Taylor Swift offered her advice on the album, telling her not to make it too personal.

Wait, Taylor Swift, who has made both a cottage industry out of and a mint from her confessional music, told someone else to slow their roll when it comes to being personal?

"She listened to a couple of the songs and she gave me really good advice and opinions. She liked most of them… She is that kind of friend that knows and has the ear and understands it. She was the one I went to for the advice part of it all. The rest was just my friends back at home," Gomez revealed in a SiriusXM chat.

T. Swizzle offered commentary on the content of 'Love Will Remember,' the original version of which is not on the record and which Swift heard.

Gomez admitted that Swift told her "Don't make it too personal."

That's the Justin Bieber breakup song --T. Swiz must hate him for realz. But the tune is a Gomez fave.

"It was a great way to release everything," she said. "You kind of get confused after you go through things in your life. This was a positive way for me to approach it... It's a way for me to explain it and express in a peaceful way... The lyrics are really  beautiful. My favorite lyric of that song is 'Somewhere in forever we'll dance again.' Whether you lose someone in your family or your best friend or your boyfriend... You'll try and forget and you'll try everything and you're confused why it happened… But at the end of the day, if you go your separate way, they go their separate way, somewhere in forever you will dance…again… Together."