Taylor Swift has big promises for her fifth record -- and big praise for music teachers and the Osbournes!

"I never want to make the same album twice," Swift told CMT about her upcoming album. "I never want them to be the same. I think people like change, I think people like something fresh and new!" As for the fans who worry that Swift herself may change along with her sound, she assures, "It's still you -- it's just a different version of you."

Swift beamed when discussing her newly opened Taylor Swift Music Education Center. Explaining her choice of what to do with her ample donation to the Country Music Hall of Fame, Swift said, "I think for me music education is really such an important part of my life. My life changed so completely when I discovered writing my own songs and playing guitar ... to put funding behind opportunities for kids to learn how to play an instrument, or to learn what it is to be a producer, or what it is to be a tour manager, or figure out what it is to be a professional songwriter -- I think that's a priority for me, trying to teach kids different things about the music industry."

"I was shopping in LA and my friend said, 'Hey, the Osbournes are over there!' and I was like, 'Oh, cool!' And I don't think I'd ever met them before, but I went up and was just like, 'Hey, how's it going?!' and Sharon, Ozzy and Kelly were there. They're so lovely, and they're all so charming," she smiled. "They're all just so witty and so quick!"

Swift herself is pretty witty and quick, too. Tune in to the clip to see her demonstrate just how charming she is when she says her name in various accents!