Admit it, there is likely one (or more) Christmas event where something completely CRAZY happened during your family get-together where you finally came to the realization that life is NOT a Hallmark card.

This topic recently sprouted up on Reddit, and here's five of our favorite stories...


1.  "My 26-year-old brother got drunk on Christmas Eve with his friends, came home, and accidentally climbed into bed with my parents."




2.  "My dad got new sweatpants, tried them on, and passed gas.  Only some poop accidentally came out and ruined his new sweatpants.  He was furious."




3.  "My brother-in-law's father got really drunk, shoved the Christmas tree up the chimney and yelled, 'Christmas is cancelled.'  There was fire going in the fireplace at the time."




4.  "My dad bought my mom lingerie.  My sister and I were about 10 and five, and we found the gift hidden and made mom open it . . . then we thought it looked like a Tinkerbell outfit so we had her model it.  She did, to cover up what it really was."




5.  "There was a sewage backup . . . and suddenly, water filled with human waste started backing up through all of the sinks and toilets.  It flooded the house and it took us hours to find a plumber on Christmas.  We ended up at McDonald's."