Someone put up a new phone number that you can call to listen to different Hall and Oates songs.  You hear a message and press a number to get the song you want.  The hotline is called "Callin' Oates."

Feeling down and out? Need a pick-me-up, here is hands down the best solution in the history of the world:  Pick up the phone and call the HALL & OATES hotline.

We aren't joking, this phone service truly does exist. It's known as "Callin' Oates", and you can dial it yourself for proof at 719-26-OATES (719-266-2837).  (Note:  That's NOT a toll-free number.)

It's incredibly easy:  When you dial the number, you are offered options of listening to one of four Hall & Oates songs:  Press 1 to hear "One on One", press 2 to hear "Rich Girl", Press 3 to hear "Maneater" . . . or press 4 to hear "Private Eyes".